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All the work we do at DoorCountyNavigator.com, which includes in-person reviews, video
tours and more, you will benefit from here.

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DoorCountyNavigator.com is in its 10th year already, and has won 25 awards for excellence!  
Our 10's of thousands of users love the accurate info they find there.  With all our sites
cross-linked, you too benefit here when you locate a home, cabin, log home, cottage or
condo that we have personally reviewed!
DoorCountyNavigator.com has won 25 awards for excellence, including a Door County
Magazine User's Choice award for the best independent Door County website.  In our 10th
year, our pledge is to let you "Be in the know before you go!"  
Users of our other sites say:
  • I really appreciate the  videos. I have been staying in Ephraim for
    years and never knew about the  "Ephraim Wetlands Preserve".
    Since viewing your video, it is on our must visit  list this year. Each
    year we discover something new from watching the videos.  Keep up
    the good work. -  Milt

  • I just wanted to take a moment to say that you have a terrific
    website.  I'm sitting here at my desk before work and am enjoying
    myself immensely just browsing.  No matter how many times I come
    to this site it never gets old.  
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